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Lane County Area Spray Schedule 6-28-2012

ODOT is spraying highways in Lane County. For more information call (888) 996-8080.

Rosboro LLC, (541) 746-8411, is hiring Western Helicopter Services to aerially spray Sulfomet Extra, Accord XRT and Chopper with Phase on 98 acres near Wycoff, Quartz and Sugar Creeks and another 110 acres near Quartz Creek, in the Finn Rock area. See ODF notices 2012-771-00484 and 2012-771-00503.

• Roseburg Resources, (541) 935-2507, plans to ground spray Atrazine, Clopyralid, Glyphosate, Hexazinone, Imazapyr, Metsulfuron Methyl, Sulfometuron Methyl, Tryclopyr Amine and/or Triclopyr Ester with surfactants on 6516 feet of roadside in Sections 29 and 30 of Township 19S, Range 03W southwest of Creswell. See ODF notice 2012-781-00450.

Compiled by Jan Wroncy, Forestland Dwellers: 342-8332, www.forestlanddwellers.org