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Lane County Area Spray Schedule 8-2-2012

• Seneca Jones, 461-6245, is hiring Western Helicopter, (503) 538-9469, to aerially apply Glyphosate, Imazapyr, Metsulfuron Methyl with additives Methylated Seed Oil, Syl-Tac and/or Sylgard 309 on 47 acres near Coyote Creek and the same chemicals on 67 and 116 acres near Camas Swale. See ODF notice 2012-781-00547.

• Weyerhaeuser, 746-2511, plans to ground spray 42 acres near Parsons Creek with a long list of chemicals. See ODF notice 2012-771-00593.

• Giustina Land and Timber, 345-2301, is hiring Northwest Reforestation Services, 554-0489, to ground spray at least 231 acres in the Low Pass area with some combination of Glyphosate, Imazapyr, Metsulfuron Methyl, Triclopyr Amine and Triclopyr Ester to control competing hardwoods and invasives. See ODF notice 2012-781-00552.