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Matt the Electrician

Matt the Electrician is not stopping in Eugene to repair your electrical outlets or update your wiring. Nope, the Austin-based singer-songwriter is in town to jolt audiences at Cozmic and the Axe and Fiddle with the seemingly bottomless songbook he’s created in Accidental Thief and six previous albums, which vary in tone from the happily self-depricating “King of the Losers” to the fast-paced and perfectly nostalgic “All I Know.”  A recipe for Matt Sever’s music might look something like this: Take one part William Fitzsimmons’ softness and clarity and one part Paul Simon’s lyrical style, then add just a dash of the Avett Brothers’ energy and a lot of their folk sensibility. Matt the Electrician plays Cozmic at 8:30pm Tuesday, Sept. 11, and the Axe and Fiddle at 8:30pm Wednesday, Sept. 12.