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Never Mind the Pistols

Glen Matlock
Glen Matlock

To most, the name Glen Matlock probably doesn’t stand out. However, considering the fact that Matlock was the Sex Pistols’ bassist before Sid Vicious joined the band in 1977, it probably should.

This is another depressing tale similar to that of Pete Best (the Beatles’ drummer who was replaced by Ringo Starr) or Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd founder, replaced by David Gilmour) that probably makes most musicians cringe at the thought of what their former bands might become.

The good news is that Matlock didn’t bite the dust like his replacement did just two years after joining the Pistols, and we get a chance to see him play on Monday. His new group, the Philistines, isn’t quite as scathing as one would imagine, considering the gnarly ‘70s punk movement he cut his teeth in, but it still goes to prove that he knows how to write, play and perform like the influential musician he is.

Glen Matlock plays 10:30 pm Monday, March 12, at Luckey’s; $10.