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No Smiles, All Styles

Sad Face, the Seattle-based rock band, has a sound that secretes a cavernous misery with narrow undertones of pleasure; a juxtaposition only achievable by masters of music.  

With guitar riffs and raw vocals reminiscent of groups like Radiohead and Wilco, Sad Face’s sound is difficult to classify. “Usually I say we are a noisy rock band; we can utilize noise as well as harmonies,” vocalist Tim Mendosa says. “We try to use all those ridiculous classifications and say we are avant-garde, post-music, classic, jazz, funk or something.” 

Sad Face creates an ominous vibe at live shows with commanding lyrics and rich instrumentals. But the group is not completely devoid of humor. “Our shows have a pretty intense energy, but in between songs we have a tendency to get goofy,” Mendosa says.

Sad Face’s vocal and instrumental abilities are a textured sound, carefully designed and gently woven. “We generally like having balance between personal, emotional stuff and also more out of body observational stuff,” Mendosa says. 

 “For not having that many instruments there’s a lot going on,” guitar player Joel Katzenberger says. “There are four singers, four guitars and bass and drums. There’s an element of noise and a sonic quality that creates this dynamic setting.” 

Currently Sad Face is working on refining its moody sound and creating a cohesive full-length album to showcase the group’s abilities. “We want to try to be accessible enough but still also a little left of the dial,” Mendosa says. “We find a balance between catchiness and shit that’s just weird.”

Sad Face plays 9 pm, Thursday, June 28, at Sam Bond’s; $1-$5 sliding scale.