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People Unite in Eugene

It’s not every day that a majority of Eugene’s City Council, Stephen Colbert, Oregon Country Fair and Occupy Eugene have a cause in common. But the far-reaching, unpopular Supreme Court decision on Citizens United has given those concerned about the future of democracy a reason to come together.

Last week the council voted 6-1 to call for a resolution supporting an amendment to the Constitution that would clarify that corporations aren’t people. This week democracy activists are holding People United: More than a March, at 11 am Feb. 25 at the Free Speech Plaza.

“It started as a protest that’s become a celebration of human personhood,” says event organizer Marcus Farley. “We’re asking everyone to bring a simple sign that says my name is ‘blank’ and I am a person.”

“The regal fiction of corporate personhood is unacceptable,” he says. “It represents a tilting of power in our country right now that has basically rendered democracy a joke.”

To see Stephen Colbert’s take on the joke, go to http://wkly.ws/17a