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Pisgah Bursts Into Flower

If you want to enjoy an inordinate amount of wildflower-frenzy this weekend, Mount Pisgah is the place to be for the Wildflower Festival Sunday, May 20. Not only can you look forward to a languishing in a splendor of earth-borne colors in peak petal form, you may also wish to wander the native plants sale or sniff out the food vendors while taking in a different bands’ set-list at the top of every hour starting from 10 am and ending with marimba beats at 4 pm. Parking will be free but a $5 donation from those over 12 will be asked at the entry. 

Three tours will be offered by both Mount Pisgah Arboretum and by Friends of Buford Park and Mount Pisgah. Be sure to bring the entire family; there’s enough to keep everyone satisfied: dancing, exploring, or relaxing to live music in the outdoors. Leave dogs at home, please, organizers say.

The idea is to bring “wildflowers closer to the people of Eugene,” says Rainee Tiske, office manager at Mount Pisgah Arboretum. There can be up to 500 types of flowers, she says, and last year’s festival saw more than 300. “It varies year to year,” she says. 

The festival offers an opportunity to identify local native plants up close with the help of resident experts from Eugene’s Native Plant Society, which gives the community a chance to see what really does grow in the area around Eugene, Tiske says.

The 1 pm tour will be conducted by EW’s “It’s about Time” author and artist David Wagner.