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Poll Eyes Commish Popularity

Courtsey Lindholm Company
Courtsey Lindholm Company

Not only do Lane County residents know who most of their county commissioners are, they like the ones they know, according to a survey done by the Lindholm Company. Commissioners Rob Handy and Pete Sorenson, who are up for re-election, both scored well in the survey. 

Sid Leiken, a former Springfield mayor and now county commissioner for Springfield, topped the list both in name recognition, 70 percent, and in favorability ratings, 36 percent favorable, 12 percent unfavorable. Leiken is not up for re-election this cycle and is the current chair of the board.

Sorenson also had a high score with a 68 percent approval rating and the second highest approval rating of 30 percent favorable and 17 percent unfavorable. Faye Stewart, who represents east Lane County, home to the controversial Parvin Butte gravel mine, had the third highest percentage in favorability ratings — 21 percent, but he also had the highest negative rating at 22 percent. 

Rob Handy had more name recognition than Stewart — 62 percent to Stewart’s 57 percent — and a 19 percent positive rating with 17 percent unfavorable.

West Lane Commissioner Jay Bozievich has a 45 percent in name recognition and a 16 percent favorable rating and 12 percent unfavorable.

The survey consisted of 200 telephone interviews of a random sample of Lane County residents likely to vote in the 2012 General Election. The survey was conducted from Feb. 29 through March 2. The survey, and other surveys on local topics, can be found on the Lindholm Company blog at wkly.ws/18u