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Eliza Rickman is an L.A.-based folk singer but she very well could have been plucked straight out of a dark, twisted fairy tale. With black hair, gorgeous eyes and the vocal chops to match, Rickman is nothing to be overlooked.

Her relationship with music spurred from a dark place. After a move to California at the impressionable age of 12, Rickman quickly realized Los Angeles wasn’t all movie stars and palm trees. Music became her reprieve from that depression. With the sounds of Elton John and the Beatles at her side, Rickman began healing. 

“I knew I would never be the Beatles, but I loved that something could help me get out of that terrible place,” Rickman says. “I really thought it would be a great thing to provide that coping mechanism for somebody else.”

That element of catharsis is what makes Rickman’s music so therapeutic, elegant and unique.

“I suppose I’m trying to help people understand it’s okay to be sad,” she says. “I think it’s okay to revel in that for a while and experience that sadness.”

Growing up as a pastor’s daughter, Rickman can’t help but bring faith into her lyrics. “There is at least one religious reference in each song on my album,” Rickman says. “It’s something I was raised with and taught to think a lot about.” 

With graceful undertones of religiosity that question the contradictory nature of our human existence, Rickman brings even more substance to her already complex musical repertoire.  

Rickman plays 9 pm Thursday, July 26, at Sam Bond’s; $1-$5.