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Same Scene, Different Style

As far as contemporary hyper-relevance goes, Sazon Booyah is another supernova internet meme, exploding before discovery and peppering pop culture with the remnants. Equipped with a new spin-off style called Moombahton, NYC producers Mr. Vega and DJ Sav integrate a minimal Dutch-house foundation with ramped-up reggaeton. Similar to dubstep, techno, R&B and hip hop, Sazon Booyah is poised for heavy mainstream taxation and diluted redistribution — but that hasn’t happened yet.

Despite heavy praise from electro-heavyweight Skrillex, Sazon Booyah does not ascribe to the trends of contemporary electronica. The group’s existence proves that American producers can veer from the thrash path of reprocessed whomp-and-rattle that has become standard procedure for electronic music shows.

 Along with a cadre of well-received  pop remixes (already itching for commercial duress), Sazon Booyah’s original cuts, particularly from the group’s recent release, Take Over Volume 1: Moombahton, offer a twisted scattering of tantalizing sounds that don’t completely overwhelm the listener. It is easy to hear different percussive layers and rhythms without succumbing to waves of distorted bass. It is this unique blending that sets Sazon Booyah apart from the routines of contemporary electronic music producers. These guys are more like nimble-fingered barbers, as opposed to just another set of DJs trying to haze a pre-heated audience. This will be a solid show, more than worth its weight in wattage.

Sazon Booyah plays 9 pm Thursday, Feb. 16, at WOW Hall; $5-$8.