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Sonic Hindenberg

Consider The Blimp as a lit cigarette ready to burn hydrogen and explode. “Our music is like driving a car upside down on the highway,” says drummer Leland Vessey. The Blimp cranks out loud, gritty, surreal music about being born, dying, drinking, drugs, hair, heartbreak, the morality of wearing other peoples’ skin and the “trials and tribulations of growing up in a small western town.” An inflating part of the Eugene underground scene, The Blimp plays like the name of its tour van: Fast and Bulbous.

Guitarist and songwriter Lucas Gunn (who often plays a solo set to begin the night) says he makes music “that makes you wonder what’s going on.” With a stage full of masked musicians — Gunn, Vessey, Miranda Jenee (piano), Jesse Wood (guitar) and Braden Allison-Hall (theremin, percussion, trumpet et al.), all of whom also sing, as well as Top Lady, the mannequin queen commanding all the parts of her plastic army, The Blimp is definitely higher than you and fine with it. The heads and body parts “are comforting to us,” says Jenee.

But the theatrical freak Zappadelica is balanced with a pop-sensibility “combining weird avant-garde with catchy rock numbers,” Allison-Hall says. “It’s meant to catch you off-garde.” And it does. On its debut EP The Blimp, Not Beer, a capella is juxtaposed with instrumental madness and tracks like “I Want Good Music With Boobs In My Face.” The Blimp makes you question not only what is going on, but who the fuck these people are.

“We are very loud,” Jenee says. “They’re afraid of us in San Francisco.”

The Blimp plays with My Autumns Done Come and Lucas Gunn 9 pm Friday, May 25, at WOW Hall; $5 adv; $8 door.