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Split the Bill

Father Figure and My Autumn’s Done Come (MADC) are seeing double. The Portland bands, boasting lineups of former Eugeneans, have released a split single record. “Our bands go together surprisingly well,” Father Figure guitarist Chad Heile says. 

MADC has the perfect pop sheen to counter the wonderfully hot, loud mess that Father Figure is. “It costs a lot of money to press vinyl, and that was a dream of our bands, so we thought we’d save some dough and make it a split with our buds,” Heile concludes.

To celebrate the release, the bands are coming to Eugene for two shows — an early all-ages set at Wandering Goat and later that same night at Sam Bond’s. “This is both bands’ first time releasing vinyl so now being in a band feels a bit more real,” Heile says. “We [Father Figure] had a digital EP, Tremmels, but somehow this still feels like our first real release.”

Father Figure hit the Portland scene in 2011. The group’s contribution to the split single is a song called “Murder,” an atmospheric country western-tinged ballad that, as its title suggests, tells the story of a life taken by the hands of another. The track would play well in a dive bar — not the kind where the median age is 65 but more like the kind in downtown Portland. Yes, the trucker caps, beards and flannel shirts are still present and accounted for, but the musical reference points aren’t Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings but Bright Eyes and Neutral Milk Hotel. 

MADC’s contribution to the record “Nicotine Dreams” is decidedly sunnier. One hallmark of MADC is a poppy interplay of male/female vocals, and the track positively drips with it. Energetic percussion propels blissed-out and fuzzy guitars. Like “Murder,” the song also descends into indie guitar noise to remind us that these bands are indeed from Portland.

Father Figure and My Autumn’s Done Come play 6 pm Thursday, Aug. 16, at Wandering Goat, 268 Madison St.; FREE; 9 pm Thursday, Aug. 16, at Sam Bond’s, 407 Blair Blvd.; $1-$5.