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Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret I’ve been hiding under my skin: Styx is totally coming to Albany for the ATI Wah Chang Northwest Art & Air Festival. If, somehow, you’ve made it this far through your life without hearing either “Mr. Roboto” or “Come Sail Away” then you’re a miracle worker, especially if you were born before 1980. Yeah, man, it’s that Styx: not some tribute band, not some ancient, mythological river guarded by a skeleton ferryman named Charon; just those axe-wielding, ‘80s rockers that everyone knows. This time, though, it’s probably only appropriate that we throw a “domo arigato” in their direction, because honestly, when else are we gonna get the chance?

Styx plays 8pm Saturday, Aug. 25, at the ATI Wah Chang Northwest Art & Air Festival, Timber Linn Park, 900 Price Rd., Albany. Donations.