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Tara Stonecipher & The Tall Grass

Tara Stonecipher & The Tall Grass isn’t a band with lighthearted content. Remember the handful of sad songs that got you through your last breakup? You know, the songs that spoke to you and made you feel better even though they were sad — because they were so well-made and painfully honest? That’s the kind of music this local five-piece band creates.

A mix of alternative, country and folk genres, Tara Stonecipher and The Tall Grass has the uncanny ability to translate its heartbreaking, introspective content into a live-show format. So bring a box of Kleenex and prepare to be serenaded by guitar, bass, cello, drums, washboard and Stonecipher’s emotive vocals.    

On a more cheerful note, The Kid And Nic Show, a duo known for its self-ascribed theme song “Nothin’ But A Good Time,” will be back in Springfield at the V.F.W. At this show, the V.F.W. will be sponsoring The Lane Country Food Drive, so make sure to bring a can of non-perishable food when on your way to enjoy the band. The Kid And Nic Show creates top-notch bluesy swing music, and has proven through the years that a couple who tours together, stays together.  

Tara Stonecipher and The Tall Grass play 8 pm Sunday, June 24, at Cozmic; $8. The Kid And Nick Show plays 7 pm Tuesday, June 26, at the Springfield V.F.W.; don.