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TATE 2.0

The Actors’ Table of Eugene serves up seconds
Photo courtesy Actors’ Table.

Still on a performance high from its success in June, The Actors’ Table of Eugene (TATE) is back with another installment of selected scenes and monologues. Flying under the banner of “Life’s Changes,” 22 Eugene actors will perform 16 of their favorite pieces. 

According to TATE producer Judith McKenzie, “Selections this time range from the Glass Menagerie to a piece from Lily Tomlin’s writing … from farce to drama. One woman is pushed over the edge trying to buy a can of tuna, and [in another scene] a dysfunctional family tries to cope with the aftermath of a suicide.” Chris McVay directs the overall production while David Mort, Cameron Carlisle and Emily Hart all throw in their directorial expertise for individual scenes.

The Actors’ Table of Eugene was inspired by the events at a back table in a Seattle-area bar, where local actors would grab the mic and read scenes and monologues they’d always loved, much to the delight of the beer-drinking patrons. TATE is an open web of local theater artists that seeks to provide a space for actors and directors to present their favorite pieces as readers’ theater. 

How was the first event? “It was an amazing success, standing room only, and audience members were enthusiastic and very appreciative. I was delighted!” McKenzie says. “The success of our first event was what motivated Tsunami Books and The Actors Table of Eugene to expand performance offerings to two nights.” 

McKenzie also reports “high enthusiasm” from the Eugene theater community, and it sounds like this is where theater folks are going to go to 0see theater. In fact, there is so much local buzz that TATE is already planning the next performance. “The theme for the next Actors’ Table, tentatively set for mid-November, is ‘Faith,’ and we have already received several proposals from actors wishing to participate,” McKenzie says. “We’re here to stay!”

The Actors’ Table Eugene performs “Changes” at Tsunami Books, 2585 Willamette St., Sept. 7-8 pm. FREE, sug. don. $5.