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Transplanted Vibes

Sol Seed
Sol Seed

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most oversaturated markets around when it comes to reggae music. Is it the ganja? The laid-back lifestyle? The white kids with dreadlocks exploring comparative religion? Who knows — and who cares? We like our reggae, and we love our local music. Sol Seed gives us both with a swagger that can’t be ignored. 

With Michael Lennon (vocals/guitar), Michael Sorensen (vocals/drums), Ben Pezzano (vocals/bass), Sky Guasco (vocals/dijeridu), Kenny Lewis on guitar and Graeme Pletscher on sax, Sol Seed is a band that’s as multi-talented as it is packed with charisma. Originally from Southern Oregon, the group recently made Eugene its home and is making its presence known through rocking venues and winning over a hyper-stimulated (sometimes snobbish) reggae audience. Rock, Latin flavor and psychedelic vibes meet a healthy reggae overtone in the music of Sol Seed. The band recently released a dynamic recording, Live @ Luckey’s, that complements its discography of clean studio recordings.   

Sol Seed is built for the stage. This collection of natural performers is known to impress and engage its listeners. Ever go early to a show and run into an opening act that’s so good it makes you wonder why they aren’t headlining? That’s Sol Seed. And it will only be a matter of time until these guys are gigging the festival circuit and receiving the recognition as Eugene’s hottest new reggae act. 

Sol Seed plays 9 pm Saturday, March 10, at Sam Bond’s; $10.