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Trippy Tributes

Remember Pink Floyd? Remember that front man who the band supposedly just “forgot” to pick up before a show? That front man was the cosmically nuts original weirdo Syd Barrett. The late ex-Floydian’s music will be on display at Sam Bond’s, kicking off back-to-back nights of classic rock.

Syd Barrett’s style and strange eloquence are among the weirdest and most unique characteristics in rock history. With lyrics that you couldn’t possibly understand unless you wrote them, and jaunty, primitive tunes interspersed between cascading psychedelia, Barrett stands among the mind-fucking elite, and he did it all with class.

Barrett’s tribute show will feature his tunes as played by a gang of local musicians; Jennifer Dean, Joe Pettit, Jake Pavlak and Terrianne O’ Rourke will be bringing it to you, so tune in and drop a vial of acid for the psychedelic legend.

Saturday, Jan. 7, the madness continues with a Frank Zappa tribute performed by Pojama People, who take their name from the 1975 Zappa song of the same title.

How best does one describe the seminal mastermind that was Frank Zappa? Well, in truth, you just need to listen to him. When you think his music is improvised jam-band fusion funk whatever, it’s probably not, and when you think you’re going to be listening to psychedelic rock, you might end up listening to a brand of sassy jazz music that you didn’t know existed. Zappa had so many albums that you really can’t know what you’re in for, so go find out.

The Syd Barrett Tribute starts 9:30 pm Friday, Jan. 6, at Sam Bond’s; $3-$5. Pojama People w/Ike Willis performing the music of Frank Zappa begins 9:30 pm, Saturday, Jan. 7, at Sam Bond’s; $10.