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Young Dems Plan Odyssey to DNC

Democratic Party of Lane County Secretary Andrew Becker and Steven Coatsworth, the national committeeman for the Young Oregon Democrats of America (YODA), have been elected, along with others, to represent Oregon at the Democratic National Convention starting Sept. 3 in Charlotte, N.C. 

The two will be driving cross-country in an old car painted as an American flag, in what they are dubbing a “Gonzo-throwback American Adventure.” They will be interviewing and videotaping people they meet along the way, both liberals and conservatives, about their views on the November election. Their interviews will be posted on a video blog at a website to be announced. They also plan to stream footage from the floor of the convention and distribute information to other delegates about Oregon’s vote-by-mail system and our initiative process.

Coatsworth says the two have managed to pay in advance for their hotel bill in Charlotte, but need to raise money to pay for their gas and food along the way. 

“The cost for each individual on this trip is, ironically enough, approximately $2,012,” Coatsworth says. “The goal for each of our seven delegates is to raise $2,012. Each delegate is responsible for individually raising the funds that s/he will need for the convention. Surplus funds will be used to aid others in our Oregon delegation.” Other members of the delegation are Quintin Kreth, Richard Cundiff, Gerry Rempel, Kathryne Maurer and Matt Keating.

To contribute to the trip, send checks made out to Steve Coatsworth or Andrew Becker to 1338 Jefferson St., Level B, Eugene 97402.