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More Letters to Obama

We’ve asked our readers to send us their hopes, their dreams, their admonitions for a new president. This is a continuation of last week's coverstory.


Discovering New Musical Worlds
The planet comes to Eugene
By Brett Campbell

RIP, Ricardo
The memorable Montalban
by James S. Wood

Bridge Impact
Wider I-5 span to boost global warming, hurt park
By Alan Pittman

The Insider
Holidays bring out the wide-eyed kid

Celebrating Hard Times

Local craft distillery gives Eugene a buzz


The Insider
Holidays bring out the wide-eyed kid
By Lance Sparks

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Alan Pittman did a reasonably good job of addressing many of the criticisms of the West 11th EmX line, (“Green Dragon Bus” cover story, 11/24) but he didn’t address what, for me, is the most perplexing issue.

Growing Pride in Eugene
Oregon Vagabond brings a voice to the homeless
story & photo by Barbara Yates

Our Degrading Watersheds
Protests against water restrictions miss the point
By Robert Emmons

By David Wagner

New (New) Media Landscape
From print to screen, Eugene boasts a bursting scene
story By Suzi Steffen • photos by Trask Bedortha