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Event Junkies
Volunteers put the Eugene in EC
by Deanna Uutela 


Living La Vida Local
A three-day whirlwind of music and food
by Vanessa Salvia

Two Approaches
Decisionmaking styles go on the ballot
by Mary O’Brien

Lilies Galore
Take care with fragile bulbs
By Rachel Foster


It’s That Slime Again!
New S.L.U.G. Queen wins in a close one
by Inka Bajandas

If Marie Antoinette were a slug, what would she hate more than salt and guillotines? According to Marie Slugtionette, it’s … saltines. 

Shadows on the Wall
Neal Stephenson’s new brainburner
by Molly Templeton

Turning Outward
This time, Atmosphere looks to other sources of inspiration

Speed Dating at the Symphony
Second candidate comes to town



Just for Kids
Courtney Jacobs

A Life Less Legendary


Taking the Gloves Off
Betty Roberts, political animal

Visual Art:
Double Play
A slug-happy crawl through the good and bad



All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Museum of Unfine Art Work by Flora Neustel, Stephen Peeler, Christine Decker, Leslie Ann Fuson, through Sept. 30. A reception is 6pm Friday, Sept. 26. 11am-6pm M-Sa. 537 Willamette.