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The Springfield Seven
Vacancy draws mixed crowd of contenders
story by Ted Taylor | photo by Todd Cooper

Fowl On a Mission
Is Chicken Licken a fable for our time?
By Anita Sullivan


Rust Runs Again
Faces Tea Party Republican for commission seat
story by Alan Pittman | photo by Todd Cooper

And You Heard the Red Sparowes in the Gutter

Seeing as …
Vision up/front prevents dull outcomes
by Jerry Diethelm

New Sounds, New Ways to Hear Them
Creativity leads at the UO

Music Shorts
Red Sparowes, Pat Metheny, Javelin, Devin the Dude, Girlyman



Hopey-Changey Granola Stuff
Palin merits a little protest
by Camilla Mortensen


The Astoria The Underlings, The Latrines, The Tanner Cundy Band­9; n/c

Axe & Fiddle The Blushin’ Roulettes­8; Old-time, $3

Blind Pig Open Mic­8; n/c

Café Maroc Belly Dancing w/Amira Azar­7:15; n/c

countryside DJ Music/Thirsty Thursday-9; n/c


The Beautiful Void
Judd conference in PDX
By Suzi Steffen


Soft, Raw, Creative

Short, Sharp, Again
The Northwest 10 festival returns

Kindness of Strangers
Willy Vlautin’s third novel is a hopeful tale

Extension Risks Extinction
Measure 20-158 would keep it going
By Deborah Bloom

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Corvallis Arts Center “Celebration of Youth Arts,” art by students grades 9-12, reception 6-8pm Thursday, April 15, through April 28. 700 SW Madison Ave., Corvallis


Natural Resistance:
Chemical Trespass

Children’s developing lungs are vulnerable

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