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It is very sad that every time governmental budget cutting is mentioned, homeless people and homeless animals, the most vulnerable of us, suddenly leap to the top of the list.

A Tale of Talons
In a stretch of sun between cloud banks
By Charles F. Thielman

A Cut Above
Fifty years of trims and tales at Larry’s Barbershop
by Rick Levin

By David Wagner

Movie Review:
Food for Thought

Cookie-cutter Colombiana a meager advance for female action heroes




End of Summer Sounds
Classical album roundup for the upcoming wet season
By Brett Campbell


Thicker Than Water
An interview with Oregon author Patrick deWitt
by Rick Levin

Music Shorts
Reverend Horton Heat, The Longshots, Butthole Surfers

End of Summer Sounds
Classical album roundup for the upcoming wet season





I’m in a bad place. I have been in a monogamous marriage for 19 years and have two kids. At least I think we’re still monogamous. My husband is an avid reader of your column and loves to bring up the idea that it is perfectly normal to have outside sexual relationships with other people as long as you stay committed to your spouse.


The Astoria Thumping Thursday w/DJ Britz & Guests-9; n/c

Axe & Fiddle Mudpuppy­7:30; Blues, n/c

Black Forest Mangle Bohemians, My Empty Phantom, Main Bad Guy, Still Flyin’—10; Rock

Cowfish “Everybody” w/Sassy Mouff, DJ Heshe—9; Mash-up


Reverend Brings the Heat

by Gustavo Arellano

Developer Subsidy
Tax break out for UO area, but may expand elsewhere
by Alan Pittman

Pure Witchcraft
Actors Cabaret shows Sinatra love in My Way

Loss in Rugby Opener







All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Karin Clarke Gallery “The Color Pink,” ceramics by Faye Nakamura, reception 5-7pm Friday, Sept. 16; through Oct. 15. 749 Willamette


After a hard-fought battle of talent, EW is proud to announce that the judges simply couldn’t make a decision between the charismatic and explosive Tyler Fortier, and the captivating entrancement of Betty and the Boy. The Next Big Thing (NBT) contest ended in a draw between the two bands — they are the next big things!


Movie Review:
Another Earth
Third Rock from the Sun

The amazing is everyday in Another Earth



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Loss in Rugby Opener