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The Great Collaborator
Talib Kweli gets on the Idle Warship

Tastes Great and Less Filling
Iron and Wine unify the audience

I accidentally discovered that my son-in-law is into BDSM sex as a “dominant.” A few weeks ago, he was holding one of my dog’s leashes and tried to stop my dog (a 13-year-old, docile golden retriever) from running up to another dog by violently yanking on the leash. My 65-pound dog was violently spun around with a loud snap.

Tree Huggers Turn 10
Cascadia Wildlands Project is still saving Oregon’s forests
by Courtney Jacobs


Boom and Bust
Just what got us into this mess?
by Alan Pittman

On Sept. 29 Congress and the public balked at a $700 billion dollar Wall Street bailout.

Endorsements At a Glance
EW’s choices in measures and contested races

• President of the U.S.

Opening Nights
The Rocky Horror Picture Show




Best of Eugene 2008-2009: Retail Therapy


Best New Business


Best of Eugene 2008-2009: Eat Your Heart Out


Best Coffee

1. Wandering Goat Organic Coffee Roasters 268 Madison St. 344-5161.

2. Full City Coffee Roasters 295 E. 13th Ave., 465-9270; 842 Pearl St., 344-0475.

3. Dutch Bros. www.dutchbros.com


Best of Eugene 2008-2009: Creative Endeavors


Best blog

1. EW! A blog blogs.eugeneweekly.com

2. Jeffrey Morgenthaler www.jeffreymorgenthaler.com

3. Mr. Random www.efn.org/~fletk

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Art of Glass Sculpted puppets and art dolls by Candice Westberg, through Nov. 27. An opening is 6pm Friday. 9am-5:30pm M-F; 9am-4pm Sa. 790 Blair.

Insider Baseball:
Echo Down the Ticket
Obama ... mah ... mah ... mah 

Political Smears
From the White House to the Courthouse


Whoever says that environmental issues and economic progress do not go hand-in-hand just do not have the facts.


Best of Eugene 2008-2009: The Kitchen Sink


Best all-ages hangout


Best of Eugene 2008-2009: Civic Pride


Best local uproar

1. The Tasing of Ian Van Ornum

2. Downtown: development/exclusion zone/cleaning up

3. Mayoral race