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Gear Guide

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Certified Pre-Owned MacBooks


A mob formed at UO’s Mac Court last night (11/30) — an angry mob of faculty, staff and students ready to confront the demonized OUS Chancellor Pernsteiner and board member Lynda Ciufetti. It was called a UO Faculty Senate meeting, but its tenor was that of a mob.

Santa’s Little Helper

Que Pasa

Paving the Future

Creating a common community

Photo courtesy Vermont Workers’ Center

Cover Me

Could Oregon have health care for all?

Anarchist in Tweeds
Paul Goodman Changed My Life revives ‘60s icon


Use the links provided below for specific show times.


The Mystery of McCombs 

The Right to Survive

Occupy Eugene embodies basic human rights

Mic Checks and Protest
An interview with Immortal Technique

Music Shorts
Cass McCombs, YOB, The Grouch

Black Christmas

Carbon overconsumption melts North Pole

Tis the season to go shopping, but with the North Pole melting, over consumption could land you on Santa’s naughty list.


Axe & Fiddle Petunia & the Vipers, Trudy Bauchery—8:30; Jazz, hillbilly, burlesque, $8

Cowfish Hump-Nite w/Connah Jay—9; Dubstep, glitch

Downtown Lounge Funk Jam—10; n/c

Granary Homeschool—8; $3-$5

Hidden Valley Molly Nord—6; Piano improv, n/c

Anarchist in Tweeds

Paul Goodman Changed My Life revives ‘60s icon


Musical Revivals

Early music and other gifts come to Eugene


Mic Checks and Protest

An interview with Immortal Technique

Homeless Activism

Occupy Eugene seeks a longer stay

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.



Dave Taube (letters, 12/8) questions whether supporters of the unsuccessful Measure 20-182 — which would have provided much-needed supplemental funding to the Eugene public schools — have really stepped up and contributed to the Eugene Education Fund (EEF). 

Living Out:
The Night before Christmas
When stereotypical myths hide the good

Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht
Childhood memories refreshed each Christmas

On The Blogs:

Letters to the Editor



Give Guide

Giving till it hurts doesn’t need to hurt

The end of the year is upon us and that means everything from Hanukkah to Solstice to Festivus. It also means, less cheerfully, that once you have recovered from your Christmas shopping, you’re going to have to wake up one morning next year and think about paying taxes.

Sorry to be such a downer.