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Go With the Flow
Eugene-based eco-attire imitates nature
By Camilla Mortensen

Shakespeares in the Parks
Two comedies in the fine out of doors
by Katie Dettman and Suzi Steffen

Yes, In Our Name
“Hardest thing you need to watch” returns to the Leebrick
By Suzi Steffen

It’s All Natural

The Best We Can Do?
City missing an opportunity downtown
by Thomas Lincoln

Reuse, Recycle, Rewear
Green in more ways than one
by Courtney Jacobs

Recording to Tape
Chris Brecht writes country music for the ages

Those Summer Nights
Melissa Etheridge’s earnest Awakening

You usually get mail about the sex lives of your readers, being a “sex advice columnist” and all, but I have a problem that has nothing to do with sex. I have a parenting problem, and given that you are a fellow parent, I’m hoping you have some insight.

Good Humor Bands
Traditions converge in Eugene
By Brett Campbell

Remains of Our Days
Bones, shells, eyes and ears at DIVA
by Suzi Steffen


Tender Is the Night

And strong the boys of Shakespeare

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Adell McMillan Gallery “Mesoamerican Textiles: Text, Subtext & Context,” exhibit of textile; photography by Jeffrey Jay Foxx, through Oct. 31. 7am-11pm daily. EMU, UO.

Design Matters:
Tales From the Pit

More holes downtown need filling

EW! A Blog.

Letters to the Editor