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Why You Benefit
From educating my little tax deductions
By Mary DeMocker


Battle Over Biomass
Does Senecas plant violate pollution regs?
Story & Photos By Camilla Mortensen

Over the Desert and Through the Rocks

Kelly Reichardts latest quiet road trip





Viva la Sur!



Closing Time
Yearly round-ups and requiems
By Brett Campbell

Music Shorts
OUT/LOUD, Halie Loren, Kina Grannis, Hayes Carll

Closing Time
Yearly round-ups and requiems

My life is not horrible. Im an American college student. Compared to most people in the world, Im pretty well-off. I go to college in Bellingham, Washington ã the weed is awesome, the weather is great, and there are lots of hot guys. Score! But! Im a homo. And I didnt know how horrible my life was until I got here Ä


Amanitas DJ DVice®8; Funk, Neo-soul, n/c

Axe & Fiddle Coty Hogue-7, n/c; Buxter Hootn-9; Americana, $5

Cowfish "Everybody” w/Sassy Mouff, DJ Heshe®9; Mash-up

Downtown Lounge Funk Jam®10; n/c


Play it Loud, Out and Proud







Spending Against Schools
Rich conservatives break records to fight tax for kids
By Alan Pittman

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.



Its Not a Deficit; Its Robbery
by Gordon Lafer

PsychicLogical Breakdown
A writer's personal journey through the intuitive underbelly of Eugene
by Dante ZuÀiga-West