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All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


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Alan Pittman did a reasonably good job of addressing many of the criticisms of the West 11th EmX line, (“Green Dragon Bus” cover story, 11/24) but he didn’t address what, for me, is the most perplexing issue.

Growing Pride in Eugene
Oregon Vagabond brings a voice to the homeless
story & photo by Barbara Yates

Our Degrading Watersheds
Protests against water restrictions miss the point
By Robert Emmons

By David Wagner

New (New) Media Landscape
From print to screen, Eugene boasts a bursting scene
story By Suzi Steffen • photos by Trask Bedortha


Celebrating Hard Times
Local craft distillery gives Eugene a buzz
By Aaron Ragan-Fore

Music Shorts
The Posies, Hot Drama, Unkle Nancy, Randy Ross and the People’s Choice, Frazey Ford, Hellyeah



Axe & Fiddle Oldies but Goodies­7:30; n/c

Black Forest Antique Scream, Griminir­9; Metal, n/c

Club Snafu Sassy Mouff­10; DJ, n/c

Cozmic Pizza “Stories from Abroad” w/Ethos Magazine­7; Readings, $5


Not Poseurs

Classic Romance, Bright Future
Eugene Opera presents La Bohème, plans for Nixon in China

Growth and Prosperity
Public policy often based on unsupported assumptions
By Eben Fodor

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Backstreet Gallery Fused glass art by Jayne Smoley, reception 3-5pm Tuesday, Jan. 11, exhibit continues through Jan. 31. 1421 Bay St., Florence