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Do-Do the Right Thing
Calling attention to crap should be enough
By Sally Sheklow



Earth Day 2010

Let it Flow Restoring Green Island

Prickly Project Wrestling thorn vines in the nude t’aint for sissies




The Fashionable Fascist 
Evita lands in Cottage Grove
by Suzi Steffen

Game Over?
Gimmicky music vs “actual” music
by Brett Campbell

The Bank of Nature
We have no plan to repay our debts
By Jason Bradford

He Is What He Is
Merle Haggard, bad luck, good fortune and all

Game Over?
Gimmicky music vs “actual” music


Axe & Fiddle Musician’s Spotlight w/Larry Barkemeyer­7; n/c

Blind Pig Open Mic­8; n/c

Café Maroc Belly Dancing w/Amira Azar­7:15; n/c

Cozmic Pizza Skinner City Square Dance­7:30; n/c

Davis’ Brimstone Sounds­11; Hip hop, reggae, top 40, n/c

Classic College Camera


Hearts and History 
Hope Larson’s Mercury
by Molly Templeton

He Is What He Is
Merle Haggard, bad luck, good fortune and all
by Rick Levin

Dear Mexican: I have a friend who frequently wears a T-shirt that boldly states in big, bad-ass, Old English letters, “Hecho en México.” Five facts follow: 

• He was born 23 years ago in Bellflower, Calif.

• His truly Mexican parents were nowhere near Mexico when he was conceived

OSF’s Opening Salvos Resonate
Get tickets now for these two classic, strong plays

Waiting for Neo
A too-sweet apocalypse at University Theatre


Tiny Wineries
Conjure some lip-smacking delights
by Lance Sparks

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Civic Pride

Keep historic stadium in public ownership

Confronting Militarism

Lane Peace Symposium looks at democracy vs. empire