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Passport to Art
Artists open studios for DIVA
by Natalie Miller

Dan Deacon Goes Analog
A 15-person band gives Deacon’s legendary shows a new form

Happy Anniversaries
Celebrating a quartet of composers


Axe & Fiddle Musician’s Spotlight ft./Larry Barkemeyer­7; n/c

Bar 201 Mixology Thursday­7; Jazz fusion, n/c

Black Forest JR Soapbox­10; n/c

Blind Pig Open Mic­8; n/c

Blue Print 90s Night, DJ Tekneek­9; Club, hip hop

Blind Pilot Flies Higher

Dan Deacon Goes Analog
A 15-person band gives Deacon’s legendary shows a new form
by Sara Brickner



Elbow Sex 

An exclusive interview with two Transylvanian sex hounds








Best of Eugene 2009-2010: The Kitchen Sink


best all-ages hangout

1. WOW Hall 291 W. 8th Ave. 687-2746. www.wowhall.org

2. Cozmic Pizza 199 W. 8th Ave. 338-9333. www.cozmicpizza.com

3. Saturday Market 8th & Oak. www.eugenesaturdaymarket.org



Best of Eugene 2009-2010:
Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll


best band

1. Medium Troy www.mediumtroy.com

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Dr. Don Dexter Photography by Bob Keefer, through Nov. Reception is 5-7 pm Friday, Oct. 30. M-F 8am-5pm. 2233 Willamette, Suite B


Best of Eugene 2009-2010: Dollars & Sense


best bike shop/repair

1. Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life 234 W. 6th Ave., 344-4150; 3870 W. 11th Ave., 343-2250; 152 W. 5th Ave., 344-4105; 2480 Alder St., 342-6155. www.bicycleway.com

2. Revolution Cycles 1061 W. 2nd Ave., 302-8049. www.revolutioncycleseugene.com


Remembering Kevin
EW mourns the loss of Art Director Kevin Dougherty
By the EW Staff


Mental Health Disaster
Lane County shuts down a cost-effective service

Living Out:
In Search of the Beaver Sisters
Flagging Desire, Part II

On The Blogs:



Best of Eugene 2009-2010: Civic Pride


best local uproar

1. The Tasering & trial of Ian Van Ornum

2. Save Civic Stadium

3. Eugene Celebration


Best of Eugene 2009-2010: Creative Endeavors


best blog

1. EW! A blog blogs.eugeneweekly.com

2. Culinaria Eugenius culinariaeugenius.wordpress.com

3. Urinal Gum www.urinalgum.com