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By Gustavo Arellano


Dear Mexican: I am a mocha-skinned woman with long, curly hair and dark-brown eyes. Puerto Ricans always ask if I am Puerto Rican, Dominicans just come and start speaking Spanish, Cubans ask if my abuelita made good arroz con leche, but Mexicans know I'm black. What gives? " La Morena

Greener Going
Ped/bike plan offers less cost/carbon, more health
By Alan Pittman

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


LCC Art Gallery 6th Annual High School Art Show, March 28 through April 8, reception March 31. 4000 E. 30th

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Letters to the Editor




School Fight
Campaigns kick off for and against local fundingû
by Alan Pittman

Movie Review:
A Death in the Family

Rabbit Hole peers into the wages of grief





Eugene Lands Only Oregon Showing of Anne Frank Ballet
Joseph Lieberman

Music Shorts
Old Man Markley, Run On Sentence, Charlotte Thistle, Low Tide Drifters, Rob Wynia




Amanitas DJ DVice¨8; Funk, Neo-soul, n/c

Axe & Fiddle Musicians Spotlight with Windy Ridge¨7; $1

The Beanery Open Mic Night¨7

Black Forest Rodent, Another Anthem, Wheres Tom¨10; Punk, n/c


From the Street to the Stage
by Bronwynn Manaois


Cuban Voices for American Eyes
by Dante Zu¿iga-West


Kick Up Your Boots With Old Man Markley

By Gustavo Arellano

Visual Arts:
Free Forums on First Friday

Fresh and Local

Area playwrights celebrate two world premieres

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Dot Dotsons Black & white photography by Ashley Innis, reception 5-7pm April 1. 1668 Willamette

The Adjustment Bureau: About a team of crack undergarment designers who are given 48 hours to solve the age-old problem of "the angle of the dangle” ã i.e. mens briefs that refuse to comply with the natural slant of a mans junk. Starring Matt Damon and my girlfriend, Emily Blunt. PG-13. 99 min.

Fighting for Crumbs

Time to take our place at the table

Que Pasa:
International Womens Day

­Qu¹ vivan las mujeres!

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