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I love the wife I married two years ago, but she absolutely can’t come unless she uses a vibrator on herself. She’s asked me to let her use it during sex or for me to use it on her, but I’ve refused. It’s bad enough knowing I can’t compete with that thing without having to look at it.

Let’s Insert My Prick


More Letters to Obama

We’ve asked our readers to send us their hopes, their dreams, their admonitions for a new president. This is a continuation of last week's coverstory.


Discovering New Musical Worlds
The planet comes to Eugene
By Brett Campbell

RIP, Ricardo
The memorable Montalban
by James S. Wood

Bridge Impact
Wider I-5 span to boost global warming, hurt park
By Alan Pittman

The Insider
Holidays bring out the wide-eyed kid

Celebrating Hard Times

Local craft distillery gives Eugene a buzz


The Insider
Holidays bring out the wide-eyed kid
By Lance Sparks

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Alan Pittman did a reasonably good job of addressing many of the criticisms of the West 11th EmX line, (“Green Dragon Bus” cover story, 11/24) but he didn’t address what, for me, is the most perplexing issue.

Growing Pride in Eugene
Oregon Vagabond brings a voice to the homeless
story & photo by Barbara Yates

Our Degrading Watersheds
Protests against water restrictions miss the point
By Robert Emmons

By David Wagner

New (New) Media Landscape
From print to screen, Eugene boasts a bursting scene
story By Suzi Steffen • photos by Trask Bedortha