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Economic Bridges Falling Down

Will Lane County suffer more or less than the nation?

The Voodoo That You Do
African spirits in Oregon

Eugene Celebration 2008:

Cover Story:
Merkley vs. Smith

Will Democratic surge topple Republican Senator?

Cover Story:
Clear Vision

Spotted vs. barred owls in shrinking forests

2008 Pets Issue:

Tsst! The Dog Whisperer comes to Eugene 

Blind Oversight
Cops block auditor from seeing informant complaints

Mean Eugene?
Attack on black resident leaves scars and raises questions  

Oregon Country Fair 2008:

Oregon Shakespeare Festival:

Cover Story:
A Walking Contradiction

Man claiming to be son of rock star John Cipollina comes clean

Blowing Smoke
Will Kulongoski put out the field fires?

Bad Bet
City lost big on Hynix chips

Cover Story:
What Lies Ahead

Truth spins out in mayor race

Cover Story:
Off-Track Town

The unofficial Olympic guide to the real Eugene 

Cover Story:
Look, Ma! No Tan Lines!

A hard look at nude Eugene

Cover Story:
Cutting Corners

Who gets screwed when contractors shun licensing, insurance? 


Greener on the Other Side?

Which side of the Democratic fence is more eco-friendly?

Earth Day 2008:
Not Enough Drops
We're Wasting Our Fresh Water. How Do We Stop?

Ruiz Reigns

New city manager packs political power, mystery