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Magical Monikers

Dear Mexican: I just read that Speedy Gonzales is getting his own feature film and will be voiced by George Lopez. I read in the The Hollywood Reporter that Lopez said he gave Speedy his “Latino Seal of Approval.” Who grants this seal? What does it look like? And how did Lopez get it?

— Hija of the MiscegeNation

Bike to the Future
Enviros chew on political hot potatoes
By Alan Pittman

Reinvention, Resurrection
Ray Carver in life, work and drink

Paying Attention
Poet W.S. Merwin says what can’t be said



Love & Wine
Matching hearts and flowers
By Lance Sparks

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Emerald Art Center “Gotham Remembered: Images from the streets of New York in the Seventies,” by Harry Bonham Houchins, opening reception 5:30-7:30pm Friday, Feb. 12, through Feb. 26. 500 Main St., Spfd

Taming the Beast

Where now with Pacifica Forum?

On The Blogs:


Letters to the Editor



By David Wagner


S.O.S., Dames at Sea
Cottage Theatre astride the vasty deep
by Rick Levin

Taming the Beast
Where now with Pacifica Forum?
By Joseph A. Lieberman


Cult of Karaoke
Ten things you should know about Eugene’s karaoke scene
by Rick Levin 

Marv Ellis Is Mental



Making It Up As They Go
Improv festival mixes media

Music Shorts
Marv Ellis, The Album Leaf, The Muse Lounge, Karen Lovely Band, Phoebe Blume, Rootdown




Let’s say, theoretically, I’m a pedophile.


Axe & Fiddle Forest Marchini, David Beeman­7; Rock, n/c

Black Forest Isaac’s Songwriter’s Showcase­10; n/c

Blind Pig Open Mic­8; n/c

Café Maroc Belly Dancing­6:30, 7:45; n/c

The City DJ Tunes!­10; DJ, variety, n/c