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The Dowd Effect
The master musician’s lasting legacy

Music Shorts
Lesbian, Hank 3 & Assjack, Betty and the Boy, Nick Jaina,
Black Prairie, Three Way Stereo




Axe & Fiddle Howlin’ Houndog, The Slow Poisoner­8; Blues, country, n/c

Blind Pig Open Mic­8; n/c

Cozmic Pizza Evan Churchill, Tango Alpha Tango, Sam Adams­8; Acoutstic, $5

Davis’ Brimstone Sounds­11; Hip hop, reggae, top 40, n/c

Land of the Lesbros

Dear Mexican: I just read that Speedy Gonzales is getting his own feature film and will be voiced by George Lopez. I read in the The Hollywood Reporter that Lopez said he gave Speedy his “Latino Seal of Approval.” Who grants this seal? What does it look like? And how did Lopez get it?

— Hija of the MiscegeNation

Growing Up Capulet
Adaptation elevated by Romeo and Juliet’s better half

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Corvallis Arts Center “Celebration of Youth Arts,” art by students grades 9-12, reception 6-8pm Thursday, April 15, through April 28. 700 SW Madison Ave., Corvallis

The Bully Model

One choice is no choice in mental health care

Notes from the Riverside:
Deception’s Toll

Finding liberation under oppression



The Bully Model
One choice is no choice in mental health care
By david w. oaks


Post-Post Office Space
What should happen to the $2.5 million Art Deco building?
by Suzi Steffen

Impressionists of Experimental Folk

Black Francis Goes Down on You
Former Pixies frontman sings songs of sex, death and lust
by rick levin

The Next Generation
Kidz Rock! returns to Cozmic Pizza
by darcy wallace


The Ask and Some Answers


Flying ’Fish

Deception’s Toll
Finding liberation under oppression
By mark harris

Down the Drain
The spiral of military spending
By michael carrigan and peg morton