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Hot Live

By Gustavo Arellano

All Tomorrow's Parties

UO's Rock N Roll channels Czech Velvet Revolution

State of Eugene
Piercy touts downtown projects, celebrates city
By Alan Pittman


Quack Like a Duck!

Thousands of enthusiastic Duck fans flocked downtown Saturday, Jan. 22, for a big parade in honor of the UO football team, coaches and all the other folks who contributed to a record-breaking season that fell just one kick short of a national championship. See more photos by EW Art Director Todd Cooper at flickr.com/photos/eugeneweekly

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Seeing Joan
Bring on the comedy

Slime Tail:
Ducks Stick Together
We wanted overtime, but still got the parade

On The Blogs:



Curtis Robinhold
A Q&A with Kitzhabers new chief of staffû
by Camilla Mortensen

Bills, Bills, Bills
Whats green on Oregons legislative agenda?
By Camilla Mortensen

Seeing Joan
Bring on the comedy
By sally sheklow


Music Shorts
Boy Eats Drum Machine, Bassnectar, Circa Vitae, Laura Kemp




Black Forest Otiose Being, Deceiving the Gods¨9; n/c

Club Snafu Sassy Mouff¨10; DJ, n/c

Cowfish øLime Night" w/DJ Heshe, Jon 7 & guests¨9:30; Crunk, house

Cozmic Pizza Jean Thomas Cancer Fund¨5; Fundraiser party, $3-$10; don.


Portrait of the Boy Eating Drum Machine

By Gustavo Arellano