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The Best of Eugene 2011-2012

You decide; we report. Eugeneans have voted once again for their favorite institutions and EW has your tally. Congrats to 2011’s best people, eats and places!



Time is Money
Parallels abound in Niccol’s new film



Use the links provided below for specific show times.


Recordando a los Muertos 


That’s Life, Kid

Roger Ebert’s memoir tells story of the man, not the movies

The Cost of Inequality

Income gap has deadly serious implications

Music Shorts
Head For The Hills, Richard Thompson, UO Gospel Choir, HoneyHoney






Black Forest Jesse Brewster & Justin Stang—10; Rock

Cowfish “Everybody” w/Sassy Mouff, DJ Heshe—9; Mash-up

Cozmic Pizza Sean Gaskell—6, Folk, n/c; Concrete Loveseat, Dirty Spoon—8, Folk, $5-$20

Downtown Lounge Funk Jam—10; n/c

Granary Levi Poasa Trio—10; Jazz, $3-5

Time is Money

Parallels abound in Niccol’s new film


Head For the Hall

Road Overkill

$1.5 billion in freeways planned

Two months ago an obscure but powerful local committee held a hearing on $1.5 billion in government spending, but no one testified. 

Arts Shorts:
Will Occupy for Art

Love in the Time of Plague
Trial By Fire gives wing to Angels in America

Eugene Weekly's 2011 Gift Guide

Gone To The Dogs
Get your pup a collar and a bed

Homegrown Holiday Albums
Halie Loren, Anna Gilbert release classic Yuletide albums 

Eugene Weekly's 2011 Gift Guide

The 2012 End of the World Zombie Apocalypse Survivors’ Starter Kit

Let’s face it, 2012 approaches. Nostradamus knew what was up. The Mayans saw it coming, too. It’s anybody’s guess as to what this next year will bring about. Maybe the arrival of the solar millennium? The earth’s collision with a comet or vacuous black hole? A positive spiritual transformation of our planet and all its inhabitants?

Eugene Weekly's 2011 Gift Guide

Left to right: I Will Not be Assimilated $34, Mouse, What Mouse? $34, The Joy of Homecoming $34.

Artimals for All Seasons

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


The Wave Art, design & screen printing installation by Poppy & Moe, opening 6-10pm. 547 Blair

Eugene Weekly's 2011 Gift Guide

Living Out:
Special Props
Appreciating those living proudly

Mutual Aid Society
Anarchy does not mean violence


On The Blogs:

Letters to the Editor




Here is a dream I had the other night:

While walking along 5th Avenue I had an intuitive notion that prompted me to walk over to the Occupy Camp at Washington/Jefferson Park. There seemed to be lots of people there and the vibe seemed surprisingly positive, almost festive. 

Special Props

Appreciating those living proudly

We’re deep in November, the month of Thanksgiving

A chance to reflect and be thankful for living

It’s good to slow down, settle back, take some time

This bud’s for who?

Feds smoke the medical marijuana industry