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Axe & Fiddle Zoe Boekbinder, Mal Blum, Scrambled Ape, Aeon Now—8; $3-$5

Black Forest Death by Steamship, Duckmandu, Red Bush—10; Punk

The Bridge DJ Crown—10; Hip hop, funk, soul, dancehall, n/c


Posthumous Pages, Amplified


Auditions and Acoustics
Eugene’s search for a classical conductor
By Brett Campbell

by Gustavo Arellano

Food Coma:
A Delacata Situation
Cooking up catfish all over Eugene

Art Attack
Portland’s annual Time-Based Art festival 

Death Metal
Uranium mining may start in Oregon
By Camilla Mortensen

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


The Art Center “Who Let the Art Out?” Dog & animal theme paintings by Lisa Chase, Jane Barr, Donna Lee, Marnie Ernst Zoa & others. 255 Main, Brownsville


Scobert Park Revisited 
Hot topic on neighborhood meeting agenda


Letters to the Editor



Scobert Park Revisited 
Hot topic on neighborhood meeting agenda
By Majeska Seese-Green

BRING Evolution
Pioneering institution makes a bold shift
by Ted Taylor

July marked the end of an era for BRING Recycling. The nonprof it turned 40 this year and has gone through a major shift away from — recycling. What? Away from recycling? 

Film Festival:
Watch a Movie, Change the World

GoodWorks Film Festival brings urgency and action to Eugene theaters

Movie Review:
The Debt
Pay Up

Secrets and lies in East Berlin



9/11 Blind
Ten years past the Twin Towers attack
by Tom Hayden


Art Attack
Portland’s annual Time-Based Art festival 
By Brett Campbell


Jaina Jams



Oly Moley! Those Girls Can Skate!

Green Grow The Ferns
New power-pop trio hits the stage

Music Shorts
Nick Jaina, Ronnie Montrose, Pretty Lights, The Slackers





The Astoria Thumping Thursday w/DJ Britz & Guests-9; n/c

The Beanery Acoustic Open Mic—7

Cowfish “Everybody” w/Sassy Mouff, DJ Heshe—9; Mash-up

Cozmic Pizza Science Pub—8; All ages, n/c