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Fall Bravo! 2011
Eugene weekly’s guide to the performing arts

Incendiaries and Artistry
Latin-jazz fusion meets Eugene dance styles 

Reality Theater
Trial by Fire Theatreworks gets new digs in the Whit


Applebee’s Patrick & Giri—9:15; Rock, acoustic, n/c

Axe & Fiddle Journeymen—8; Bluegrass, country, swing, $3

The Beanery Acoustic Open Mic—7

Black Forest The Tip, Downseeker, Pairabowls—10; n/c

Driven to Extremes
Ryan Gosling centers a violent fairytale
by Molly Templeton


Hip Hop Unplugged
Sunspot Jonz keeps it real with Eugene
By Dante Zuñiga-West

by Gustavo Arellano

Bike and Walk
New plan could transform city
by Alan Pittman

Art Shorts:
Chewy Dystopia
The art of Jud Turner

Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2011
Planned by History

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Cowfish Prints by Arianne Fredenburg, paintings by Jimmy McKenny & fused glass mosaics by Jamie Burress, reception 5:30pm Friday, Aug. 5. 62 W. Broadway


Refreshing Rosies
Summer wines to complement our passions
By Lance Sparks

The Right FIT
A partnership for all Oregonians

Wet Socks at Night
The no-dryer life has its rewards


Letters to the Editor





All Spark and No Service
Dead Man’s Cell Phone at the Very Little Theatre

The Right FIT
A partnership for all Oregonians
By Ray Neff

By David Wagner

People for Sale
Sex trafficking hits home in Lane County
Words by Shannon Finnell | Illustration by Sam Wolfe Connelly

Movie Review:
The (Real) Horse Whisperer

reveals what horses teach humans



Use the links provided below for specific show times.


Playboy Follies in the Sagebrush
Girl Crazy at the Hult Center


oregon shakespeare festival 2011
Planned by History
By Suzi Steffen

Wet Socks at Night
The no-dryer life has its rewards
By Madeleine von Holzen

There Goes the Neighborhood!
Whiteaker Block Party Preview





Hey, everybody: two things…

First: Last week, the GOP officially “denounced” me. Because the nation is at peace, Americans are going back to work, and the climate situation is completely under control — so, hey, why not go after the gay dude who writes that smutty sex column and gives Rick Santorum fits?