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By David Wagner


Straight Up for Jesus?
Boy band + God = disco lights
by Suzi Steffen


Hog Wild
Oregon’s feral pig population may be about to explode
By Camilla Mortensen

Romance, Intrigue, Betrayal



Godspell opens Friday, Feb. 6, at LCC’s Blue Door Theatre.

A Good Trade
ODOT responds to I-5 bridge impacts
By David Sonnichsen

Tomorrow’s Music Today
Oregon’s best all around town

Music Shorts
Il Trovatore, H is for Hellgate, Just People, The Helio Sequence



My girlfriend and I are into male-orgasm denial. We’ve recently tried putting Orajel on my cock and then covering it with two condoms so she can use me as a dildo without me getting off or even feeling anything. It works great. Is there any chance of long-term health issues if we do this once a week or so?

Numb-Dicked Dude


No Ease and Nothing Easy
Robin Romm goes raw with loss
By Molly Templeton

Tomorrow’s Music Today
Oregon’s best all around town
by Brett Campbell

Bridge to Somewhere
Will big stimulus trickle down green and wanted?
by Alan Pittman

Searching for Peace
Debra Gwartney’s memoir tackles hard times

Of Audio and Awards






Of Audio and Awards
by Suzi Steffen

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Eugene Coffee Company Nature photography by Nadia Lutje-Tort, through February 28. An opening is 5pm-7pm, Friday.
1840 Chambers.


The Ghost Bike
David Minor’s family responds

Awakened Living
A healthy option to alcohol’s walking stupor


Top Ten Movies of 2008
Splendid stories from around the globe
by Molly Templeton