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Weddings 2011

The Marriage Makers Who will knot the ties that bind?

Second Chances BRING chapel recycles marriage vows

Love Letters Letterpress printers offer beautiful customization


Axe & Fiddle Yogoman Burning Band 8; Soul, reggae, funk, $5

Club Snafu Sassy Mouff 10; DJ, n/c

Cozmic Pizza Ryan Rose, Amitie 8; Acoustic pop, $5

Cowfish "Lime Night" w/DJ Heshe, Jon 7 & guests 9:30; Crunk, house

Downtown Lounge The Funk Jam 10; n/c



Emotional Intersections
Oboes of love and a whole lot more
by Brett Campbell

By Gustavo Arellano

Dear Mexican: I was today alerted to the problem of trash dumped on the Sonoran Desert in Arizona and am trying to track down more articles about the issue. That is how I found you. There are lots and lots of piles of trash " looks like clothes " in a wash in Arizona. Can you tell me what's going on?

Booster Bowl
It's Phil Knight vs. Bobby Lowder for championship
By Alan Pittman

Visual Art:
Monumental Art from Monumental Junk
Chris Jordan's Running the Numbers opens at the J-Schnitz

Raising Cain In Arizona
By Joseph A. Lieberman

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.



As a dog lover who has had companion dogs for the last 25 years, I am thrilled that the pit bulls in the Jan. 6 EW found good homes. As a pedestrian and parent, I'm terrified.

Natural Resistance:
A Postcard World
The naturalist sees the wounds

On The Blogs:


Letters to the Editor




A Postcard World
The naturalist sees the wounds
By Mary OBrien

Teachers or Tutors?
Will budget woes make tutors the only way Eugene kids get an education?
By Alex Zielinski




Winter Bravo! 2011
Eugene weekly
s guide to the performing arts

Hit Play Everythings happening. What do you choose?

Witchy Appeal and Local Substance Theater of the winter and spring