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What Matters to Teens?
South Eugene High students speak out
by Mariam Wahed


Energizer Bonny
Bettman steps down but keeps going on city reform
Story by Alan Pittman | Photo by Todd Cooper

Bonny Bettman delivered quite a jolt to City Hall during her eight years on the Eugene City Council. 



Altar Boyz opens Friday, Jan. 30, at the Actors Cabaret of Eugene.

The Culmination of Many Dreams
A Eugenean’s view of the inauguration
by Julie Garton

Music Shorts
Lindsay Mac, Arizona, Molly Barth, Al Rivers and Friends Benefit Concert



Please settle a difference of opinion that stumped our small group at the coffee shop: Why do guys wear socks on their feet in porn? I say it’s a tradition. My friends claim it is a foot-fetish thing. My credibility rides on this, so thanks for answering.

Socked In Denver

Plucky Lass



Celebrate Live Performance
Theater openings mark full winter season

Spit and Polish
Live! Real! Music!


No More Miss-takes
It’s a hole new year ahead
by Lance Sparks

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Natural Resistance:
Good Laws
Some legislation spurs innovation

The Crackdown
Police action just adds to fear and mistrust


Israeli Defense Forces have struck the Gaza Strip, killing or wounding hundreds and continuing the cycle of violence. There is limited value in debating how it began. But perspectives differ.

Good Laws
Some legislation spurs innovation
by Mary O’Brien


The top 10 Project Censored stories last year
By Amanda Witherell, San Francisco Bay Guardian