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Will the city tear down City Hall and leave a pit?

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Witnessing women’s rugby with the Eugene Reign

PIELC 2011:

School Fight

Campaigns kick off for and against local funding 

Growing Up in Public

Evolutionary gradualism

Loving Your Body 2011:
The Science of sex and other ways to love your body

Saving Schools
Will Eugene throw kids a lifeline?

Pittie People


Eager For Beaver 

“I got involved in what some people call activism, but I really don’t like that term,” Tim Lewis says. The tall, thin 55-year-old with piercing eyes prefers to simply be called a videographer. Lewis and his video camera have been everywhere when it comes to documenting protests and police wrongdoing in the Northwest — the WTO riots, the Warner Creek Blockade, the pepper spraying of downtown tree-sitters, the Tasering of pesticide protester Ian Van Ornum — Lewis documented all of it. The Tasering incident led to a grand jury subpoena that was later dropped, and the pepper spraying led to the Eugene Police Department being chided by human rights group Amnesty International.

As always, Last Friday ArtWalk is bursting with the talented work of new and veteran artists. And per usual, rain (hail) or shine, there is more than enough reason to brave the elements, but in case you are in need of specifics, here are a few.

Congressman Peter DeFazio’s long-awaited forest plan has gone public, but the bill is under fire from conservation groups, and it’s questionable whether the controversial proposal that aims get funding for Lane and other cash-strapped counties will go anywhere at all. 

When Steven Michael Todd crouched down to speak to a friend this fall, he didn’t intend to commit a crime, and he certainly wasn’t trying to attract the cops’ attention. But that action, next to a wall by Lazar’s Bazar, led to Todd being served with an order excluding him from downtown for 90 days.