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 Why buy electricity when you can solarize it? Solarize Eugene wants to bring solar energy to your neighborhood to power your home and heat your water.


Neighbors of the illegally mined Parvin Butte quarry want to know how the mine operators can apply for a state grant of almost a half million dollars while at the same time one of the mine’s operators, Greg Demers, reportedly owes about $9 million in state and federal taxes.


Two years ago at age 13 Kelsey Juliana saw a presentation on climate change featuring NASA scientist James Hansen. On Jan. 23 Juliana and fellow young climate activist Olivia Chernaik, age 11, took their efforts to stop global warming to court. The girls are suing the state of Oregon and Gov. John Kitzhaber for failing to protect their futures against the harmful effects of climate change.

Oh no, where did Wikipedia go? On Jan. 18 more than 115,000 websites, including Wikipedia, Google and Craigslist, either went black or put up banners to protest SOPA (Stop Online Piracy) and PIPA (Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act). 

In western Lane County, Seneca Jones (541) 689-1011 will be hacking and squirting hardwood trees between Crow and Doane Roads near Coyote Creek about a mile from Crow Elementary School. About 28 acres in sections 21 and 28 of Township 18 South Range 5 West are to be treated with Polaris. Notice 2012-781-00028.


From bare breasts to ninjas with sidewalk chalk, Occupy Eugene’s camp might be gone, but its spirit lives on. And it’s not just the Occupiers who have an issue with income disparity and want to do something about it; a new group, “Empowering the 99%,” has formed, inspired by the issues raised by Occupy Wall Street.

Under a new state law, Oregonians can send their children to any public school that has space to take them, even outside their school district. Eugene 4J public school choice information meetings begin this week.


Lane County Commissioner Pete Sorenson says, “I get up every morning and say ‘I’m glad I’m a Lane County Commissioner and I get to help people,’” and that’s one of the many reasons he is seeking re-election.


The coal trains that might be heading through Eugene have hit at least one obstacle, and it’s a wet one. In order to export coal and liquefied natural gas (LNG), both controversial fossil fuels, the Port of Coos Bay needs to dredge and deepen its channel.


The 2009 arrest of Josh Schlossberg as he protested Umpqua Bank was carried out with excessive force, a federal jury ruled Monday. An earlier ruling confirmed that EPD Sgt. Bill Solesbee violated Schlossberg’s civil rights by viewing the contents of Schlossberg’s video camera without a warrant after the arrest. Schlossberg was never formally charged in the incident.

Brian Obie’s Inn at the 5th didn’t open as planned in mid-January, but the boutique hotel and conference center at Fifth Street Public Market is looking at welcoming its first guests Wednesday, Feb. 1. The hotel already has 1,000 room nights booked for 2012 and lots of queries about weddings and executive retreats, says Heidi Albertson of the inn. The official dedication will likely be in late February, and we are curious to see what VIPs show up. Check www.innat5th.com

Discover Downtown Springfield will be holding a networking reception to update the public on the progress of downtown Springfield from 5:30 to 7 pm Thursday, Jan. 26, at Devote 30, 126 4th Street, Springfield. Contact Neil Obringer at NEDCO, neil@nedcocdc.org

If you listen to underground hip hop, you know what the three-eyed smiley face emblem stands for. You understand how intense it was when Hieroglyphics, the group this symbol represents, formed in the early ‘90s, what it felt like to put Third Eye Vision into your stereo and realize that not only had an authentic and mature form of underground hip hop arrived, but it was bountiful.

Take a quartet of guitar-savvy gingers steeped in pedagogies of the Northwest, see them south to the sun and listen to what they’ve made since returning for a rain-soaked second-rinse — it’s something akin to sonic honey on crunchy toast.

Doomtree is a wild-style hip-hop collective from the rhyme-tundra of Minneapolis. With five emcees (P.O.S., Sims, Dessa, Mike Micilian, Cecil Otter), two DJs (Lazerbeak, Papertiger) and solo projects running the gamut of hip-hop mixtapes, spoken word poetry, creative fiction, visual art, punk bands and individual releases from each member, when Doomtree takes root, listen.

The rumor is that the real reason Chip Kelly decided not to take the head coach job at Tampa Bay is that Phil Knight threatened to buy the NFL and close it down.

The band moe. is to Phish what Jefferson Airplane was to the Dead. The New York-based jam band is an East Coast amalgam of roots and jam, more apt to throw into the mix an acoustic string or two than other improv-based rock bands like Umphrey’s McGee or the Disco Biscuits.


It was with inspired heart that I took my kids to the Oct. 16 Occupy Eugene March. Looking at the exuberance and peace embodied by the people surrounding us, I thought that this movement might be one I could support and work for. And I did to the best of my ability. Until recently.

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Mired In The Mud


Got you. Wish didn’t. But did.

It’s an odd thing to leave a movie screening feeling rather like you wish you’d read the story instead. David Cronenberg’s latest film — and his third with Viggo Mortensen, who disappears into the role of Sigmund Freud — is based on a play that’s based on a book, and somewhere in there is a story that gives the reader or viewer time to absorb the ideas and suggestions packed into the dialogue, to translate the glances and tensed shoulders into an embodiment of those ideas. 


Coal doesn’t just burn hot, it burns dirty — it’s pretty much dirt that burns — and like most hot things, it just might burn you. 

No active commercial coal mines remain in Oregon, and the state plans to phase out coal from the Boardman coal-burning power plant in the Columbia Gorge by 2020. But if you thought coal wasn’t a concern for Oregonians, think again. Oregon is pretty dependent on coal — almost 40 percent of the state’s electricity comes from coal-burning power plants — and now Big Coal has plans to drive massive open trainloads of the grimy fossil fuel right through Eugene.


Emails to the Eugene City Council available under the Oregon Public Records and Meetings laws shine a light on the holiday uproar within the city of Eugene caused by Occupy Eugene (OE) protests.


Emails to the Eugene City Council available under the Oregon Public Records and Meetings laws shine a light on the holiday uproar within the city of Eugene caused by Occupy Eugene (OE) protests.