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Beloved Kitsch-22 boutique to close in November

After eight years at its spot on Willamette Street downtown, secondhand shop and costume mecca Kitsch-22 will be closing in November, the Kitsch-22 team tells EW.

This feels a little bit like the end of an era for designer-run thrift stores. In the past few years, Deluxe — which was just a couple blocks south on Willamette and operated by Eugene designer Mitra Chester (who is now the fashion guru for St. Vincent de Paul’s) — closed, as well as The Redoux Parlour in the Whiteaker, which was headed by designer Laura Lee Laroux, who now lives in Montana. And in fact, Chester originally started Kitsch-22.

The Kitsch-22 team tells EW that the space it has leased at 1022 Willamette is too small for the way the business has expanded, while it would “cost too much money to move somewhere else.” So, owner Norman Lent has decided to close up shop and retire. They aren't the only ones leaving the block: Harlequin Beads & Jewelry, across the street from Kitsch-22, is moving to a South Eugene location, the R-G reported Oct. 21, making way for a dispensary.

Kitsch-22 has been a cultural staple in the local thrift, costume and designer scene, having just last year won Best Clothing Store in Eugene Weekly’s Best of Eugene reader’s poll.

Kitsch-22 will close in about two weeks, so now is the time to check out this sartorial treasure chest, packed to the gills and the ceilings with Halloween masks and costumes, all the plaid you could ever dream of, pretty and ugly sweaters, gowns, platform heals, candy-colored wigs and offbeat accessories. Kitsch-22 has also opened its off-limits basement to customers, and it’s bursting with sequined getups, onesies and flapper dresses. The Kitsch-22 team says post-Halloween, sales will begin, starting with 25 percent off and eventually increasing to 50 percent off.