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Bernie Sanders endorses Oregon Ballot Measure 97

Vermont senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders just jumped into the Oregon political arena by endorsing Measure 97, a proposed tax on corporations with $25 million or more in annual Oregon sales. The measure will raise about $3 billion a year, and it directs the funds to go toward public education, health care and senior services. Measure 97 falls in line with Bernie's campaign mantras calling out the 1 percent and condemning the actions of big corporations.

From his statement published today:

At a time of massive income and wealth inequality, it is time for large profitable corporations to start paying their fair share of taxes. That is why I am supporting Oregon 97. Large corporations must help the people of Oregon provide high quality public education, health care and services for seniors. Passing Measure 97 would allow Oregon to fund 7,500 new teachers, provide 16,000 seniors with quality in-home care — without raising taxes on small businesses.

If you believe huge corporations shouldn't be able to use loopholes to avoid paying taxes, vote for Measure 97. If you believe in moving closer to a nation in which health care is a right not a privilege, vote for Measure 97. If you believe that all people wanting to pursue higher education should be able to do so regardless of their income, vote for Measure 97.

I think quality education, improved health care and the ability to retire in dignity are worth asking the biggest corporations and Wall Street to pay a little more. Please vote yes on Measure 97.

The most recent poll on Measure 97 shows "yes" voters and "no" voters neck and neck, with 47 percent of voters against and 46 in support, despite the millions of dollars spent by the "no" campaign to convince voters otherwise.