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Eugene Weekly papers burned in response to antifa article

Eugene Weekly’s story last week on the local antifa movement has garnered heated response.

A man named Jacob Laskey was profiled in the story. He emailed EW over the weekend announcing he had taken issues of the paper and burned them. In the video subtitles he calls himself an “anti-antifa supremacist.” Eugene Antifa allege on their website that Laskey is associated with the American Front white supremacist group.


Laskey describes his video on the Wolfclan Armory YouTube page as “Patriots Outraged by Eugene Weekly's pro-Domestic-Terrorist Antifa Propaganda gathered up thousands issues in Eugene OR and threw them away and celebrated by burning them!”

He writes that “carloads” of patriots threw “thousands” of copies of EW away and celebrated with an “A Eugene Weekly Antifa Propaganda Burn,” and adds, “Eugene Weekly’s pro Domestic Terrorist propaganda is not tolerated.” He calls to “Burn Eugene Weekly for backing Antifa!”

The video then shows the newspapers on fire set to the music of Burzum, a Norwegian “black metal” band that is the solo project of a man who calls himself Varg Vikernes. Vikernes served 21 years in prison for murder and church arsons. Laskey himself went prison in 2007 for throwing stones etched with swastikas through the window of Temple Beth Israel synagogue in 2002.

Laskey posts his diatribes regularly on his YouTube channel, including a previous response to EW's request for comment for the antifa story.

Taking and burning newspapers is a controversial method of attempting to silence the free press.

EW has filed a police report with the Eugene Police Department.

If you notice any empty EW boxes that need filling, please call 541-484-0519.

If you witnessed anyone taking large numbers of EWs or witnessed the burning, please call the police nonemergency line at 541-682-5111.

The nearly five minute video is below.