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Indie Rock + Glass = Class Act?

Dammit! I had a whole post written and then I ... um ... well, I blew it. Whoops. What it said, in essence, was that I read this neat story over on Pitchfork about the Glass Casters Union, which has collected artwork from a buncha indie rock bands (mmm, new Band of Horses) and created Christmas ornaments with it - and they're selling the ornaments for charity. Currently, their creations are only available through a handful of eBay auctions and via a few of the bands, but there will be more soon. And the really cool thing? The Glass Casters Union is here in Eugene! Those auctions benefit Aurora Glass, and the Union lists, as its interests, veggie burritos from the likes of Burrito Boy. Now how did a bunch of Eugeneans put this awesome plan into action? We'll have to find out.