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Oh, So THAT'S the Problem

I'm thoroughly convinced that the reason I'm not as productive as I ought to be is that my office makes me tired. I got up at 7:30 this morning (I am not. a. morning. person.) to finish the book I'm reviewing for this week and after my cuppa I was awake! Happily perched in a chair reading, with the cat on my lap! I walked to work and peered at a nutria that I really wished was a beaver! For no reason other than a beaver in the middle of an empty lot would be way cooler than a nutria in the middle of an empty lot!

And then I got here and immediately crashed. OK, so, yeah, I refuse to use the fluorescent overhead light, because yuck, so I just have a little lamp, so dark. Yeah. And my window is roughly the size of two pieces of regular notebook paper taped together along the short edge. But I've got to fix this.

Not to mention do something about the piles of books before they tumble over on me. The first review copy of something that doesn't come out until next year just arrived, which is kind of freaking me out.

More coffee.