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Piercy and Handy lead in very early results, but too close to call

With about 20 percent of the ballots counted at 9 pm, the pivotal Eugene mayor and north Eugene county commissioner races were too close to call.

Mayor Kitty Piercy lead Jim Torrey 51 to 48 percent. Rob Handy lead Commissioner Bobby Green 52 to 48 percent.

“It’s too early to count any chickens,” Piercy said.

Piercy figures she may need about 38,000 votes to be assured of victory. At 9 pm she had just 8,752.

The Handy campaign said they might need about 17,776 votes to be assured of victory. At 9 pm Handy had just 3,503 votes.

Compared to 8 pm, both Piercy and Handy’s leads remained roughly stable.