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Roger Magaña is on YouTube

Roger Magaña, the Eugene Officer sentenced to 94 years for using his badge to coerce sex from a dozen women, is on YouTube.

The video appears to be about six years old and allegedly shows Magaña illegally entering a house to harass and arrest a bunch of skateboarders, according to the post's description.

An unidentified officer with Magaña "steps in, puts me in a full-nelson, throws me face down onto the cement outside, and puts his knee in my back and handcuffs me," the unidentified poster alleges.

The "fuck the po-lice" video post created some stir with 54,826 views and 326 comments, many criticizing the police and/or debating who was at fault.

In a recent cover story, EW reported on how lawyers for Magaña's victims have accused the city of whitewash for failing to investigate other officers for not stopping Magaña's abuse despite numerous complaints.

An article this month described how EPD was a "recipe for disaster" that lead to the sex scandal and questions whether EPD has reformed.