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EW! A Blog.

July 21, 2007 10:58 PM

I've finished.

It was worth it and then some.

I can't wait to get through this busy week and start all over again.

July 21, 2007 07:47 PM

I thought it was such a good idea to blog reading Deathly Hallows. I thought it'd be all this, that and the other thing every hundred pages or so.


Not to do other work that needs doing. Not for the complicated project. Not to clean the house for the friend that's coming tomorrow. I did make dinner, and then I ate too much of it (downright decadent homemade mac & cheese, if you were curious).

Even now, the book is calling. Things are happening. Darkness and strife. Excitement and downtime.

I miss certain things, I do. But I shan't tell you what they are. I am adamantly anti-spoiler; it doesn't ruin the story, but it changes the journey, be it a surprise ending or not. You see it differently; it takes a different shape.

My shape today is that of Lump on Couch. Back to it.

July 20, 2007 10:36 PM

It's 10:30 on Friday. I should be out and about, but no; I'm in the middle of a project too absurd to even go into. I keep being tempted by the Harry Potter parties — it's the last book! I've never gone to a midnight party, despite my obsessiveness! — but sometimes it just works out that once you're in for the night, working on a stupid project and sipping Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine (which you swiped from your boyfriend, if you're me), you're in for good.

But Books Without Borders is just blocks away ...

But if I go alone, I'll feel ... old.

The book will arrive tomorrow. I have some pretty serious guilt about pre-ordering from Amazon, but I did it for my own sanity: If I picked it up at midnight (which, if I go to a party, I will be hard pressed not to do), I wouldn't sleep. I just wouldn't. I read the last one in two days, hardly sleeping. I have a metric fuckton of things to do this weekend, and I need my sleep.

So the reading will start when the post-lady arrives tomorrow, and it'll be documented here. No spoilers, I promise. Just ... reactions. My emotional rollercoaster, in words! And maybe some thoughts about the End of Potter. Or maybe I'll save those for the paper.

Either way, I promise to buy a book at my local independent bookseller within the next month. A hardcover even, to make up for my Potter disloyalty.

I hope you're all having fun out there.

I might still show up.