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July 10, 2014 04:35 PM

A rape narrative told  through illustration and sparse words hits home how women really do respond to the trauma of sexual violence. The story was posted anoymously on Medium.com and is making the srounds on social media. It's worth the read. Click the image to go to the site.

July 9, 2014 04:58 PM

For anyone who watched the painful Germany vs. Brazil game yesterday, it was difficult to ignore Brazil's overly dramatic flops to the ground, made even more cringe-worthy when Germany scored goal after goal against them. And as a general commentary on how the sport is played as a whole, we present to you this video.

Although P.S., thumbs down for the casual depiction of unwanted ass-slapping.

July 3, 2014 05:39 PM

Lane County has sent out its agenda for July 8, and for followers of the paid sick leave debate, there's an interesting item under the County Counsel's section, which calls for exempting county workers from Eugene's paid sick leave proposal. 


A. Announcements

B. FIRST READING AND SETTING THE SECOND READING AND PUBLIC HEARING/ORDINANCE 14-04/ In the Matter of Exempting Lane County Government from Any City of Eugene Resolution, Ordinance, Rule, or Regulation That Mandates, Regulates, Orders, or Requires Any Terms or Conditions of Employment for Lane County Commissioners, Directors, Managers, Employees (Including Full-Time, Part-Time, Seasonal, Temporary, Represented and Non-Represented) Or Agents of Lane County. (Steve Dingle, County Counsel) (estimated 5 minutes)

The proposed ordinance  mentions Eugene's sick leave policy specifically:

WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners is aware that the City of Eugene has proposed to adopt an ordinance purporting to mandate that employers with employees that work within the city limits provide certain sick leave benefits and has not exempted other public entities; and 

Although Eugene City Council doesn't have a work session scheduled until  7:30 pm Monday, July 21, the ordinance also calls the issue an "emergency" saying: 

An emergency is hereby declared to exist and this ordinance, being enacted by the Board in the exercise of its police power for the purpose of meeting such emergency and for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety, takes effect immediately.


This doesn't come as too much of a surprise as conservative members of the Lane County Commission have already criticized the sick leave proposal.

The county does have sick time for its employees, based on months of services.

For the full county ordinance and materials go here: 

July 3, 2014 02:40 PM

Word went out this week through the Oregon Country Fair family and elsewhere, that Stephen Gaskin had died. Google his name and find an extensive obit at the New York Times. Here's an interview from 2011.

July 2, 2014 10:06 AM

Too late for this week's calendar but here's the info on a lecture put on by We Resist:

Solidarity July: "Solidarity with People of Color: Identifying and Disrupting Racism" We Resist, Sunday July 6th, 4pm, Growers Market, 454 Willamette St. FREE.

About the Workshop

This is the first in a series of workshops called SOLIDARITY JULY which will include workshops on racism, ableism, transphobia, and sexism. WE RESIST presents "Standing in Solidarity Against Racism"- a lecture style workshop designed for white folks who want to learn more about racism and better anti-racism practices in today's cultural climate. There will be time for a question and answer period.

This is a workshop for white people who want to actively work towards standing in solidarity with folks of color. We will discuss both the historical background of racism in the United States as well as ways to practice anti-racism as a white person in today's world. The workshop will provide an opportunity to connect with other allies to build a community of accountability, discuss questions and concerns, and practice the skills of being an effective tool in the struggle to dismantle racism. Facilitation, Audience and Peer Education

This workshop is being facilitated by a white person and is geared towards white identified folks who interested in continuing their anti-racism education and solidarity work with folks of color. Because this is a workshop about racism facilitated by a white person, We Resist wants to acknowledge that there are inherent limitations to the knowledge being presented. Additionally, We Resist wants to acknowledge that we are a young organization that has yet to do significant outreach towards communities of color in the area. Despite these facts, we believe in thoughtful, intentional, peer education on anti-oppression issues, and that white folks should be actively discussing and educating other white folks on anti-racism issues. Learn more about WE RESIST at facebook.com/weallresist

July 1, 2014 05:19 PM


On June 20 the male members of the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that for-profit companies (aka Hobby Lobby) that are "closely held" are not required to provide birth control coverage for their employees if doing so conflicts with their religious beliefs. 

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg wrote a scathing 35-page dissent that has gone viral. (Really, a SCOTUS decision going viral is kind of cool).

Ginsberg writes of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores and Conestoga Wood Specialties v. Burwell: "In a decision of startling breadth, the Court holds that commercial enterprises, including corporations, along with partnerships and sole proprietorships, can opt out of any law (saving only tax laws) they judge incompatible with their sincerely held religious beliefs."

A Song a Day singer-songwriter Jonathan Mann, has put some of the words of Ginsberg's fiery dissent to music. It's strangely catchy.

"The court I fear/has ventured into a minefield of slut-shaming geezers and religious extremism/One thing's clear — the fight isn't over/We have to stand together for what we know is right …"

June 30, 2014 09:58 AM

Here's a little video to start the week off right, with David Attenborough.

June 26, 2014 12:15 PM

Lots of interesting comments can be found at the bottom of this video on living sustainably, and legally.

June 25, 2014 05:00 PM

Here's the news, both good and bad: The bad news is that construction will temporarily close a portion of the Fern Ridge Path, but the good news is that it's in the name of Amazon Creek restoration.

Between Chambers and Garfield streets, the city of Eugene will take up its $975,000 project to stabilize the erosion on Amazon Creek's banks, as well as add more than 13,000 native plants to restore some nature to the area.

In the 1950s, the Army Corps of Engineers rerouted and paved much of the creek to mitigate flooding, but the result left Amazon Creek a shadow of its former self and stopped wildlife from using it as a corridor to travel. 

Organizations like the Be Noble Foundation and the Long Tom Watershed Council are hopeful that the creek can someday be restored to its former corridor status and serve as habitat to local wildlife, from otters to cutthroat trout. To follow these efforts, see the LTWC's website.

June 24, 2014 05:40 PM

Here's a rare video we ran across from some years ago. Was anybody there who can give us a date? Some of us remember them juggling flaming torches in the nude at the Midnight Show, but that was a long, long time ago, maybe in the 1980s.

June 23, 2014 05:00 PM
June 23, 2014 11:43 AM

According to John Clune, the attorney for the young woman in the UO basketball player rape investigation, the UO has found the men involved, Damyean Dotson, Dominic Artis and Brandon Austin, responsible and has suspended them from the school. They cannot be on campus for four years or as long as his client is a student there — but not to exceed ten years.

Clune calls the decision a relief for his client.

EW has contacted the UO for the results of the investigation. More in this week’s issue.

Here is the UO's statement from spokeswoman Julie Brown:

“As in all cases of sexual misconduct, we provide information to the complainant and the accused about the results of our administrative proceedings. It appears that the information released by Mr. Clune is accurate. As has been said before, each young man had previously been given their full release and permission to contact any school. Any inquiries related to transfers should be directed to the individual.

In all reports of any misconduct including sexual harassment, intimidation or violence, the university works to protect and support the students involved. Student safety is our top priority. The UO is working with the campus community and an expert panel to review our prevention and response practices.”

June 20, 2014 06:06 PM

If the Beach Boys live in eternal summer, then Thom Wasluck of the one-man band Planning For Burial lives in eternal bummer. With heavily distorted guitar loops and a voice that rarely elevates beyond a medicated murmur, Wasluck creates torrential sheets of pain, walls of sad that are often volcanically loud and other times whisper quiet — sometimes not so much traditional music but more like sonic sweat lodges, pushing you to your limit in order to gain elevation to some higher plain of miserable.

But that’s not to say Planning For Burial is all experiment with no melodic heart. This year’s release Desideratum on Flenser Records begins with the beautiful 8-minute track “Where You Rest Your Head At Night.” In it, layers and layers of distorted guitars build hypnotically (almost John Cage-like at times) as drums pound like a heartbeat. Lulling your eyes to droop, Wasluck’s voice is in the mix somewhere — submerged and tortured. And it isn’t until the denouement of the song, when percussion and a simple but stunning piano melody comes to the foreground, do the disparate elements of the music coalesce into something truly painful, but a gift to endure.

While the rest of the record never does much more than put a black silky bow on the sentiment that “life sucks,” making The Cure, Joy Division and Bauhaus seem relatively chipper, Wasluck is a deft conjurer of noise, a talented conduit of post-millenial malaise that deserves to be listened to.

Exiled in Eugene presents Planning for Burial with Willowbrook, Troubled by Insects and Sophos! 8:30 pm Friday, June 2o, at The Boreal; $5.

June 19, 2014 11:38 AM

Lane County says the official results are in. Commissioner Faye Stewart avoided a runoff by 9 votes and Bozievich avoided it by 18. Still think your vote doesn't make a difference? Clearly races are determined by small margins. EW is wondering if any of the challengers are planning write-in campaigns for the fall — Dawn Lesley and Kevin Matthews were pretty darn close.


For Immediate Release 6/19/2014

Results Released for the East and West Lane County Commissioner Seat Recounts

Contact: Lane County Public Information Officer Anne Marie Levis: 541-915-4659 

Neither Faye Stewart nor Jay Bozievich will face runoff elections this fall, according to the certified recount results released by Lane County Elections today. Stewart and Bozievich had 9 and 18 votes respectively above the 50 percent plus one margin required to prevent a runoff. Stewart gained two additional votes from write ins in the recount and Dawn Leslie gained one vote from a vote previously counted as an undervote.


West Lane County Commissioner




Jay Bozievich



Dawn Lesley



Write-in votes




East Lane County Commissioner




Faye Stewart



Kevin Matthews



Joann Ernst



Jose Ortal



Jack Schoolcraft



Write-in votes




According to Oregon statute, an automatic recount is required if the number of votes cast for a candidate differs from a majority of votes cast for the office by one-fifth of one percent or less. Both the East and West Lane County Commissioner elections fell within this margin, triggering the automatic recount. The recount took approximately two days—one day for each district—and, in accordance with Oregon statute, was conducted by hand. Complete election results are available on the Lane County Elections website at: http://wkly.ws/1s2